Keep Your Dog Fit

A fit and healthy dog is a happy dog!! Here are some ways to keep Fido fit!!

1. A Healthy Diet - Feed your dog a quality dog food. Don't overfeed your pet and just like with humans, keep those snacks to a minimum. If you are obedience training your dog and are using lots of treats, remember that when it comes to meal time and reducing their portion. Consult your vet for food recommendations and portion control, especially if your pooch is already overweight.

2. Exercise - Just like people, our canine friends need exercise. Taking regular walks is one way to stay in shape. Take your dog hiking. Let your dog run in a fenced yard, preferably with friends. Play and swim in the pool or a lake but just be careful.

At My Dog's Got Class, we have Puppy Socials, Canine Fitness and other programs that help your dog get some physical and mental exercise. Many of our programs incorporate play so your dog won't even know he's "exercising!"

Exercising with your dog will enhance your relationship and you'll get in shape, too!

3. Games - Try games like Fetch and Chase. Even practicing "come when called" will get your dog moving. If your dog won't chase a ball or frisbee see if he'll chase you.

Before starting any exercise routine, consult with your vet and start gradually.

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